The Program Canvas

The Program Canvas is a new way of designing a program. We have introduced this concept during the PGM Open conference in The Netherlands February 2014 with the intention to present our model to the international community of program and project managers. Recently we have published a Dutch book on the Program Canvas. Our publisher has also produced an English version of the canvas as a large (A0) poster. Alongside this poster we are working on an English translation of the book.

History of the canvas

On 29 September 2014 we have introduced our Program Canvas to more than 50 program and project managers in Rotterdam during a short workshop at the IPMA World Congress 2014.


We have invited the participants in our IPMA-workshop to join us in our efforts to further develop the Program Canvas. However, we wish to involve all interested professionals in project and program management. So we kindly ask your to leave you comments on the following pages.

Meanwhile, we have recently published a Dutch version of a book called Program Canvas. In the process we have updated the canvas following comments and suggestions by various colleagues. On the following pages we have updated the Program Canvas when applicable. In time we will translate our book to make our recent insights available to our colleagues in the world community of program managers.

Theo van der Tak, Björn Prevaas, Hans Cremer (editors).